Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 Effective Tips To Boost Your Traffic

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After few days i haven't update this blog now i will share a pretty article to you "7 Effective Tips To Boost Your Site Traffic". Maybe if you're a newbie blogger like me, you are confused how to get a lot of traffic. Maybe i dont know how, so now my blog visitor just 20/day. But its doesn't matter because i'm to lazy to do this tips. So if you do this tips to your blog, and do this frequently i think your visitor will increases up to 200%. So just do this tips below :

1. SEO Your Blog
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, by optimize your site on the search engine and make your site to the top result on the search engine you'll get a lot of traffic. 50% people make google as a homepage on their browser, and if they type your keywords and make a search on the search engine (Google) I promise, your traffic will be increased.
2. Update Your Blog Frequently
Quality still reigns over quantity, so don't over do it. Every blogger want repeat visitor/loyal visitor. Not just new one who stop visiting if they get put off by the quality of the article on your website. So update your blog frequently, with the high quality article.
3. Optimize Social Media Network
I think almost everyone have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. There is so many that you can reach out there (Social Media). So if you optimize your social media network, it very effective to increase your loyal visitor/subscriber of your site.
4. Comment on Others' Blogs
If you visit other blogs and that blog has a lot of visitor and high Page Rank. I think leave a comment on that Blog is a good way to increase your visitor. So leave your opinions about an article on that blog in the comment box. And encourage the readers to visit your own blog.
5. Build a Blogging Network
Bloggers are a close-knit community. they support and help one another in the blogosphere. So if you're known to each other and visit his/her blog, he/she is likely return the favor and visit your's too.

Ok maybe thats it, 5 effective ways to Boost Your Site Traffic 
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