Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Get 100 Facebook Like Per Day

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Hai guys, are you looking for facebook likers? If you searching on google with this query "How To Get Twitter Followers" maybe there's thousand website that explained how to do that. But if you search with "How to get facebook like" query, you'll not found anything. or "Free Facebook Likes For Website And Fan Page", i guess you'll not found any website like that.
Yesterday i visited a site called Spreadyourlike
So what?
Spread Your Like
Ya, Spreadyourlike is the simple way to increase your fanpage like.
Amazing, and now how to do that?
Ok that's simple, click here to go to the website Spreadyourlike.
1. Register on spread your like site
2. Go to add your site page 
3. Fill the form
Page title = Fill it with your page title
Page Url = insert your page URL here. example : 
Coint Per Like (CPL) = How many coint you give out if somewho like your page
Hint : The more coins per like you give out the faster you will gain new likes for your pages.
4. Click add website
5. Go to Listing page
6. Like some page to get coint
Ok that's it, the simple way to get facebook fanpage like
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3 komentar:

  1. Thank you. Great ideas, help to a lot to get facebook likes.

    1. Yes, you're right. but i think the website isnt popular, so its hard to get your page liked

  2. I might check this one out! thanks. Once was to increase facebook likes just like the one you mention in your post, but now it is to increase twitter followers only.