Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog Yahyagan New Look

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Hai guys, my followers, my subscriber and somewho which read this article on my blog. Today i've completed my project, just my small project. Ya i've finished my own template, its my first template! Do you like it? Blog Yahyagan New Look


Comment Page
And i'm very love the comment page, why? because i think it look like wordpress haha. I love blogger interface and feature. But i think wordpress interface are better, so i want a blogger template but the user interface is like wordpress. Finally i can do it!!
Template Information
Template name : Yahyagan
Author : Yahya Ayyash
Author URL :
And now i will publish this template to you. Hmm but sorry because i've spent my time to create and redesigned this template, so isnt free. But its always cheap.
Just US$ 3.00 
and US$ 1.50 if you've like my fanpage, subscribe my feeds and follow my blog. (Just sent an e-mail to me to verify that you've done).
Template Feature
  • 1 Column Sidebar
  • Wordpress Style on Comment Page
  • 4 Column Footer
  • SEO Friendly
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Beautiful Subscribe Box
  • Ads Ready
  • jQuery Tabs Widget
  • Etc.
Thanks for be my subscriber or followers, btw i will give this template FOR FREE just for 3 person. Contact me ok?
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15 komentar:

  1. Thats really cheap for a template:)

  2. Thats really cheap for a template. You should be able to sell a lot at this prise.

    1. But until now no one contact me to buy this template haha --'

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  4. @Yasha Ayyash - Very nice template feelink like this blog is hosted on wordpree.Awesome work.Please can you give your old template.

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