Saturday, April 7, 2012

How To Create Facebook Like Box On Blogger

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How To Create Facebook Like Box On Blogger. Until now, Facebook still be the first social media networking on the world. So if we optimize our facebook network (Fanpage) we can earn more visitor to our site. But how to optimize our facebook network? I think put a like box on our site is a great way, more followers you have more visitor you get.
And now i will share a tutorial how to create facebook likebox on blogger
1. Click this link to go to the facebook developers page
2. And now fill the form 
Facebook page url : Fill it with your facebook page url, if you doesnt have it you can create it first. Click here to create facebook page
Width : The like box width
Height : The like box height
Color scheme : The like box color
Show face : Do you want to show face of your page followers?
Border color : The likebox border color
Show stream : Do you want to show the latest post of your site?
Show header : Show the 'find us on facebook' text on the top of like box
3. After fill the form now click the 'get code' button
4. After copy that code the html code to your site.

How To Add The HTML Code to Blogger

1. Login to blogger
2. Go to layout page
3. Click add a gadget
4. Choose HTML/Javascript
5. And then paste the html code from facebook
6. Save it

Facebook Logo
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How to create facebook like box on blogger

5 komentar:

  1. in the url box should i use my own site address or facebook page url?

    1. You should insert your facebook page url. Sorry for the late respone

  2. ya it's helpful but how to use application to increase traffic ?

  3. Yapz, I agree with this article. I'll try ot on my blog, thankz ^.^/