Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Create A Blog With Wordpress

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How to create a blog with wordpress
Wordpress, a better way to blog. I have shared a tutorial to you How To Create a Blog With Blogger. And i have said to you that blogger is the best service to create a professional blog, even when there is another site service that can helped you how to create a blog, like Wordpress is the biggest rival for blogger. Many professional web designer used wordpress as their platform, wordpress used PHP as their language. Not like blogger, if you want to install some widget on wordpress, you need a plugin. Some plugin are free but there's many plugin that you must pay for it. Its your choice if you want to create a blog with blogger or wordpress. Ok so now i will share a tutorial to you how to create a blog with wordpress.
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How To Create A Blog With Wordpress Service

Step 1. Go to or you can click this url below
Step 2. Click the "Get Started Here" button on the top left.
Step 3. After that fill the form
  • Blog Adress :Insert your blog address that you wanted, if you want to used domain its totally free but except you must pay for that.
  • Username : Insert your username that you wanted for login
  • Password : Insert your password
  • Confirm : Re-type your password that have you entered before
  • E-mail address : Insert your email address
  • What your language : The language that displayed if you have login
  • Thinking about upgrading : Do you want to upgrade your wordpress account? If you want, you must pay US$99/year.
Step 4. If you have fill the form, click the "Create Blog" button on the bottom
Step 5. After that you must confirm your account, open email that have sent to you directly from wordpress
Step 6. And that's it, now you've a wordpress account!!!
Ok guys thanks for visit my blog, hope this article can helped you. How to create a blog with wordpress service

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