Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Get .EDU Backlink For Free

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Edu Backlink or backlink from Edu sites is very high quality backlink. Because .edu sites is an education sites and get High Authority from google. So if you can get some backlink from .edu sites its possible to increase your position on SERP, Increase your page rank, Increase Alexa and Increase your Visitor too.
Many sites give a simple way How To Get .EDU Backlink For Free, but you must pay for it, and its very expensive. You must pay US$10 just for 1 backlink from . Edu Site
And now i will give a tutorial to you, How To Get .EDU Backlink For Free

So this is it step by step How To Get .EDU Backlink For Free
1. Type this footprint on google search engine (Choose one of them, or you can try it one by one) + moodle inurl:/signup.php + moodle inurl:/signup.php + moodle inurl:/signup.php + forum inurl:/register + forum inurl:/register
You can add a country code after domain, example : + moodle inurl:/signup.php
So google will shown you some .edu site from ID country or Indonesia
2. Now google will shown you some edu site, and you can try that one by one.
3. Just register and go to profile tab
4. Fill the "My Website" tab
5. Fill it by your own URL
6. Save it
7. Copy the URL of your own profile
8. Ping it!
9. And now you'll get .EDU Backlink For Free

Simple? Yes maybe its simple, but because i can give an image step by step so its looking easy. But its hard to try. Many .EDU site will rejected a registration e-mail from google, yahoo, hotmail etc. But just try it guys, some .EDU site will accept registration for anonymous member.
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  5. Hey wonderful :) What exactly have to ping? and How to do it? :)

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    Great and valuable information. I understand everything except Ping the profile URL thing. Can you explain?

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