Friday, December 9, 2011

Most Clicked Adsense Place

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Hai guys, do you have an adsense account? And maybe you want to know how to increase your earning on google adsense? Do you know where is the place that will increase your earning? Lets follow me, i will tell you where.

1. Everybody always read a post or article from left to right, so your template must have a big left sidebar like my template. So everybody can see your ads while they read your article. And maybe they will interest with your ads and click the ads. So put your 250x250 ads on your left sidebar. And add skyscraper 120x600 or wide skycraper 160x600.

2. And every body always read your post, so lets put adsense below your title. Dont know how to put adsense below your title? Click here

3. Last tips from me is change your adsense type on your sidebar to an image and a text ads on your post.
Thanks, i hope it will increase your earnings, i've tried that on my blog. And that's work.

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