Friday, December 9, 2011

Link Exchange

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Hai guys, do you want to get backlink from me? Its easy just place my link on your blog, and i will place your link on my blog. Dont know how to place my link on your blog?
Simply, just Follow This Step :

1. Copy this html code to your blog, on home page or link exchange page. Up to you guys.
<a href="">Web Design | SEO Tutorial | Blogging Tutorial | Adsense Tutorial</a>
2. And then save it or publish it.

Or you want to get Free Three Way Backlink from me?

What the meaning of three way backlink?
 3 Way Backlinks are the new reciprocal linking strategy.  It used to be that you’d give a link to another site and they’d link back to you and it would count as an incoming link.  Google decided some time ago that reciprocal links were to be discounted by their search engines.  People of course came up with a new linking strategy which they call 3 way linking.

The basic premise is that you link to my website a and I’ll link back to you with my website b which, in theory, negates the whole reciprocal effect of the links.  It also has the side benefit of keeping the link juice moving if I link site a and b together with a one way link.
Or it can be explained like this
Site A give link to site B - Site B Give link to Site C- And site C give a link to site A. Like the rolling wheel
And it will increase your SERP

So if you want to get Free 3 Way Backlink from me. Just comment on this blog, and i will give you tutorial step by step. Three Way Backlink is more valuable than One Way Backlink or Two way backlink.
So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Terima kasih saudaraku link MUhasabah terpasang di sini.
    Link saudaraku juga telah terpasang di Blogroll

  2. @Abu Farras : terimakasih kembali. Saya juga senang link saya bisa terpasang di muhasabah.

  3. Blog yang keren sob ...
    oia qt tukeran link yukz sob ...
    aq udah follow anda sob ...
    tolong follow me ya sob di blogq yang alamatx q tulis tdi diatas komentarq ...
    Terima Kasih

  4. Terima Kasih Sob udah meletakkan linkq ke blog anda sob ... saya juga akan meletakkan link blog anda sob ...
    oia klu bisa anda mengomentari blog saya itu gmn sob ???
    sudah saya pasang link anda pada blog saya sob ...
    coba lihat di bagian kanan blog saya sob untuk sementara saya pasang disitu tpi nanti akan saya pindah di bawah script tukar link seperti pux anda sob ...
    terima kasih ...

  5. Gan, ane udah pasang link Agan,,, Please Backlink yah Gan, Thanks ^_^

  6. thanks gan,,, link ane dah terpasang rapih di blog ente . . .

  7. I'm very interesting about three way backlinks theory. FYI, I have added your links on my blog, please check it out. Hope we can be friends.

  8. Sorry, can you repair my link... -Syahroonix Blog- happen - Syahronix Blog- please

  9. gan,,, tolong sefera diperbaiki anchor link ane... yang -Syahroonix Blog- jadi -Syahronix Blog-

    Ditunggu yah gan ^_^