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10 Tips To Increase SERP On Google

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Google is the most popular search engine over the world. So if you want to optimized your revenue from the internet bussiness, you must optimize your SERP on Google. And How to Increase SERP On Google?
So This is it 10 Tips To Increase SERP On Google

Google isn’t going to notice you and give you automatic top billing just because you want it. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll (with Google). If you’re ready to start So, here are ten things you can do to help get noticed by Google.
Below 10 Tips Are Surely Increase  Your Blog’s Search Ranking :
1. Make the URL of your web pages search engine friendly. That means use dashes between your words in the URL. Example:
2. Link to the exact same domain every time. Don’t link to, link to Be consistent in your linking, as Google treats these as two different domains.
3. Avoid getting sandboxed by Google by building links up slowly. Too many links too fast can result in penalization of your website, and worse yet, it can disappear forever.
4. Use social networking to promote your website. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are now being counted as links in some manner, if they point towards your website. This doesn’t mean that you should spam your profile or fan page with links, but an every now and then link wouldn’t hurt.
5. Use RSS feeds to get deep links. If you have a blog, generate an RSS feed and see if you can get some quality backlinks through these RSS feed submissions.
6. Concentrate on targeted web traffic as opposed to general web traffic. This will engage readers further, and they’ll spend longer on your page. This could lead to more links, sales, and even more traffic.
7. Create a site map and submit it to Google. This will tell Google about every web page that your site has to offer, but won’t guarantee they will all be indexed.
8. Try to attract traffic through images. Google’s image search is a top source of traffic for many webmasters. Optimizing your site images can help Google tell what your images are, and you might get some additional traffic and links in the process.
9. Submit your website to web directories. Submitting your website to high quality directories are sometimes not free, but can help with search engine rankings. Your link will be placed into the category that it is most relevant, or you will find the category that is most suiting for your site.
10. Research keywords. Keyword research can help you rank better in Google through some simple, free tools available. The Adwords Keyword Tool is one way to get a list of keyword phrases to include in your website.
I Hope You Are Enjoyed This Article.I Think Above 10 Tips Are Help You To Increase Your Website Search Ranking In Google.
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