Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simple Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate

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The web quality are determined by bounce rate. If you have more page view than your bounce rate, i think your site has a good authority and quality from google.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate
The basic idea of getting more page views is by making all contents of your website more visible to your readers.This is possible by some valuable widgets provided by blogger and other platforms.The most imporatnt of all widgets is Related post widget.
So this is it Simple Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

           Adding related post widget below every post will make you reader to view more articles related to the   post that a reader is viewing.There are many related post widgets offered b many sites but most important and more reliable are

         Popular post widget also helps in increasing page views.A visitor may have landed on your site for some content,by seeing the popular contents of your site the reader may get interested with those topics and browse those articles.So page views are increased.This wigdet is officially released by blogger and also with more features like thumbnails of the post and post snippet.the next important widget that increases page view is Recent post widget.

         Many of the bloggers do not add the blog archive in their blogs.So the visitor  will not come to know about the recent updates of the site.So there is a chance of losing page views by that visitor. So recent post widget will help visitor about the recent updated of the site and helps in increasing page views.The next most important factor is Reduce load time by adding read more option.     

        No one wants to wait for a long time to view a particular page that loads very slowly.This is because the post length is big and takes moretime to load.So there are chances that your visitor quits your site and also the visitor will not get a cahnce to see the posts related to that post and there by losing pageviews.The simple way to this is by adding Read more option for your lengthy posts.Adding readmore option for posts will be discussed in coming posts.

Use these valuble widgets for your site and increase your page views  and gain more search engine visibility to your site.
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  1. I did add these widgets to my blog months ago and they really help decreasing bounce rate.