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How To Create A Blog With Blogger

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How To Create A Blog With Blogger
Blog or microblog now are used by a thousand people over the world. And now many people can earn some money from their site or blog. If you searched on google "How To Create A Blog", you'll found some free service that can help you how to create a blog.
Few years ago, if we wanted to create a blog or microblog we must learn and understood HTML, CSS or PHP programming language. But now some free service that helped you how to create a blog are more easy to learn. You can create a blog or microblog without understand any programming language like HTML, CSS or PHP.
Blogger, i think blogger is a best free site service to create an awesome blog. You can create a blog without understand any programming language. But if you could, you can add some PHP, CSS or HTML code to blogger. So your blog or site is more awesome. Or if you cant understand any programming language but you want to create an awesome blog (Exactly on the web design) you can download a template for blogger, some site are give it for free but maybe you must purchased for premium blogger template
And now i will tell you how to create a blog with blogger
Blogger and Rss Icon

How To Create A Blog With Blogger Service

Step 1. You must have at least 1 Google Account (Gmail Account)
Step 2. You must at least 18 Years Old (If you want earn money from your site with google adsense)
Step 3. Now type this url on your browser or you can click this url above
Step 4. Click the sign up button on the top right corner
Step 5. Fill the form
  • Email address (Your gmail address/google account address)
  • Retype email address (Retype your email address)
  • Enter a Password (Your password for login)
  • Retype Password (Retype your password
  • Display Name (Your display name/author name, it will shown when you've posted a new post)
  • Birthday (Your birthday date)
  • Word Verification (Insert the word that have displayed on the image)
  • Acceptance Of Terms (Thick it)
Fill The Form (Click to Zoom)
Step 6. Click the continue button (On the bottom right) if you've fill the form
Step 7. Fill the form again
  • Blog Title (Insert your blog title Example : Blogyahyagan)
  • Blog URL (Insert your blog URL Example :
Click to zoom
Step 8. Click continue button (On the bottom right) if you've fill the form
Step 9. Choose a starter template (Just pick one, after you've completely registered on blogger you can edit you template or download a new template)
Step 10. Click continue button (On the bottom right) if you've fill the form
Step 11.  You've done, your blog has been created. Now you can started to blogging. Just go to again and sign in with your own ID.

Ok that's it, you've done. If you've some question you can put your comment above.

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